Author: Edward Popovich


How to get out of debt quickly and get rid of it

Negotiate with creditors We present you 3 solutions that each must be considered chronologically. The first, probably the most economical, is to attempt a creditor negotiation by the creditor . Establish a viable repayment plan Start by building a repayment plan over a “reasonable” period that allows both to spread out the debts sufficiently and […]


Definition of a mortgage or consumer loan

The word loan refers to the transaction by which a natural person (individual) or legal entity (company or association) asks a lender to make available to him a certain amount of money under certain conditions specified in the contract. Note that the body that lends the money may be a bank , a credit institution […]


Surcharge on real estate gains over € 50,000

If you are preparing to sell a rental property or your second home, know that the tax has been heavier since 2013. The surtax on the real estate gain and the increase in the tax rate could thus make the operation less interesting than you think it. Who is affected by the surcharge? Only disposals […]


Loan on the web: how to apply and what is the best?

Want to know how web lending works , how to apply for your loan without leaving home and what is the best credit online? Applying for a loan through the internet is simple and quick: just have your personal data (name, RG, CPF), proof of income and residence, and an email account that you have […]


When can the Payday Loan be seen as an investment?

  Payday loan can be an investment? Or is it just a financial solution for times of crisis? Incredibly, it may be both! Learn how payroll loan money can be applied to help you achieve other goals. The largest of the Retirees, Pensioners, Government Employees and private companies , uses the payroll loan to solve […]